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About Us


Origin: Hokkien – A slang commonly known in Singapore. To beautify or upgrade something, usually by adding components, to make it showy or impressive.

Coming from an interior design & architecture background, we understand the currently available home & living products & hardware that balance both good quality and unique design are hard to come around.

 At Zhnng, we believe a luxury lifestyle is for everyone, and one doesn’t need to pay the premium to get there.


//The quality counts


Zhnng currently focuses on products that carry elements such as natural stone - marble & metal - brass, products that embrace the natural characteristic of raw materials.

 Our products are carefully curated, selected and sourced to ensure you get the best out of the best. Some of our products are handcrafted and utilizes natural material, so, inevitably some products might come with some flaws or not come in identical pieces - and that's part of the unspoken beauty of natural materials.


//Pay less for more


At Zhnng, our sourcing team works hard at sourcing products from direct manufacturers to bring you the best product at the lowest costs.

 We don’t have a retail store so overheads like rental and renovation are omitted, hence we could offer you our products at the best cost.

 Feel free to get in touch with us and tell us how we can do better or say hello! by chatting us up or emailing us at